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NOSTA Group administration building in Ladbergen


Corporate Structure

Management Board

All the national and product companies of our company are controlled under the umbrella of NOSTA Holding GmbH. The strategic steering lies in the hands of our management board which is composed of the managing directors of NOSTA Holding GmbH, namely Nicolas Gallenkamp, CEO (3rd from left), Marcus Thoben, COO (4th from left), and Florian Körner, CFO (2nd from left), and the two managing directors Andreas Wolke-Hanenkamp, NOSTA Logistics GmbH (5th from left), and Peter Mundt, NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH and NOSTA Logistics Corp. (1st from left).

National and International Leaders

The activities of our national and product companies are controlled by independent managing directors. The position of Managing Director of NOSTA Logistik Sp. z o.o. in Poland is occupied by Magdalena Guzowska (2nd from left). The management of our Dutch company NOSTA Logistics B. V. is held by Harrold Dost (1st from left), Rainer Farsch (4th from left) has overall responsibility for NOSTA Tradelog S. à r. l. in Luxembourg. The activities of our NOSTA Rail GmbH are the responsibility of Managing Director Rüdiger Tepe (3rd from left).

Our Subsidiaries

FEIL Lager- und Transportsysteme GmbH and neon smart logistics GmbH are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the NOSTA Group. Dr. Christoph Fleddermann (middle) and Gerd Bleidorn (right) conduct the interests of FEIL Lager- und Transportsysteme GmbH as managing directors. Niko Niermann (left) runs neon smart logistics GmbH as COO.