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Rapid Upswing and Expansion


Steady growth and the establishment of many close customer relationships characterized the decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

At the beginning of the 1990s, we began to take on logistical tasks at our customers' sites in both the west and the east of Germany. In many areas we have grown together with our customers. This led to very close customer relationships, most of which still exist today.


From the Garage to the Villa

In February 1990, Andrea and Thomas Gallenkamp acquired a villa under a preservation order in Buchenbrink in Osnabrück which they then lovingly restored and turned into their business headquarters.


22 Employees in 1990

With the Fall of the Berlin Wall Came the Dawn

 At the beginning of 1990 we established the specially founded NOSTA-Logistik GmbH in Hettstedt in Saxony-Anhalt. From then on, this location became the main administration for the business in the new federal states and the headquarters for our business in Eastern Europe


Successful Entry into the Warehouse Business

In 1994 we set up the Lengerich warehouse as our first own warehouse location. We expanded our warehouse activities in the following years with warehouses in Borghorst and Ladbergen.


New divisions, new Markets

Thomas Gallenkamp's courage to enter new fields of business and thus expand our company's range of services was clearly noticeable during this decade. Our new customers gave us access to a wide range of industries, such as steel, chemicals, spices and consumer goods, and have enabled us to steadily expand our logistics know-how.


What Happened Next?

Let us take a look at the third decade of our history!

1999-2008 International market

101 Employees in 1995