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On the Waves and Over the Clouds Internationally

Hamburg – the door to the world. NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH carries out transports from here around the globe. Whether by barge, sea-ship, plane, rail or truck, our experienced team from the North offers a wide range of services and always finds the suitable transport solution for our customers’ requirements.

 Worldwide exports and imports with sea and airfreight as well as complex combined transport solutions are the speciality of our subsidiary. Especially sea and airfreight solutions are today more important than ever in order to facilitate a worldwide flow of goods and customer relations, and guarantee the global network of markets. Our worldwide network and cooperation with strong, dependable partners enable us to guarantee continuous transports, pre and post transportation, customs processing and seamless documentation.

NOSTA Sea & Air GmbH is an approved economic operator and is AEO – customs law simplifications (AEO C) certified. Thus you profit from uncomplicated handling and a consistently high quality level.


306018Tons of Cargo 2018 (November)

The Home Port for your Goods

We offer you not only port-to-port service, but also deliver warehousing-solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Our company has generous storage areas at our branches in Seevetal and Bremerhaven of 22,500m² in total. All manner of goods is not only stored and trans-shipped here but comprehensive value added services are also carried out.

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Customer Information: Current Information Regarding Brexit

Dear Sir or Madam As it stands, the United Kingdom will depart the European Union on 30 March 2019. There are currently insufficient agreements in the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom as to how to govern economic relations between the two economic areas. A so-called hard Brexit is to be expected. In this case, extensive customs procedures are necessary for the movement of goods.


Customer Information: General Strike in Belgium on 13.02.2019

Belgian unions have announced a 24-hour general strike on 13 February 2019. In addition to Belgian airports, the strike also affects the port of Antwerp, public transport and other areas of public service. Nationwide, considerable impairments to public transport and freight traffic must be expected. We would like to point out that, as a result of the general strike, dispatching difficulties for shipments via Antwerp can also be expected.

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