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Returns Management

Logistics Solutions for your Returns Processing

The product does not meet expectations, the customer does not like it or it does not work properly - there are many reasons why articles are returned. In order to satisfy your customers, you should also handle returns logistics professionally and rely on the know-how of an experienced logistics partner.

Our team creates an individual returns process and undertakes the complete returns management according to your wishes and requirements. From the assessment of the goods, processing and sorting the items according to stock category to new labelling, processing and repackaging or possible disposal - we supply you with a complete package for reverse logistics where required. Do not underestimate: fast, smooth returns processing not only increases customer satisfaction, but also creates a decisive competitive advantage.

Our Services:
  • Checking returns according to customers’ criteria  
  • Preparation of the goods
  • Sorting according to stock category
  • Disposal/ recycling goods
  • Repackaging products
  • Qualified feedback to the customer
  • Smooth and fast availability of inventories