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Shelving system in the Ladbergen warehouse



Warehouse Logistics for Every Requirement

From simple block storage to the modern high-bay, we find the suitable warehousing solution for your product requirements. Depending on the product portfolio, product quality and industry, we design various storage strategies. Thanks to our many years of experience and our comprehensive industry expertise, we are able to respond to all requirements as needed and to provide the ideal storage concept.

Our warehouse concepts are not just tailor-made to product and customer requirements. They also meet the highest safety and quality standards. Whether temperature-sensitive goods, foodstuffs, liquids or chemical substances - we always ensure professional storage and the greatest possible safety for your products.

Our Services:
  • Warehouse management
  • LVS online inventory management
  • Inventory processing according to business model
  • State of the art storage equipment
  • Specialised personnel for all process modules

Highest Hygiene and Quality Standards

We have a certified HACCP concept at our warehouse locations in Ladbergen and Borghorst, especially for risk management within the food industry. Our consistent quality management and strict control as part of regular internal and external audits ensure compliance with legal guidelines.


Our Certificates Provide Proof