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Container Storage

Technology & Facts


The Figures Speak for Themselves

From the start of our rail activities, NOSTA Rail GmbH has transferred around 90,000 load units from road to rail. This represents a considerable CO₂ reduction of over 50,000 tons. Thanks to the number of trains operated, we have also been able to reduce road kilometres by more than 70 million.

These facts and figures are exemplary for how the challenges of growing freight traffic can be managed profitably and responsibly for the environment, the climate and the people of Europe.

Facts and Figures:
  • 630 m track system
  • 8,000 m² free area
  • 2 reach stackers, payload 45 tons
  • Container handling/container depot
  • Handling swap-bodies/semitrailers
  • Transshipment rail/road
  • Hazardous goods area for approx. 42 containers
  • GGVS 2-6 and 8 and 9 (WGK 1- fluid)